Gateway to Austin's Best: ATC app for maps, lists & schedules

February 19, 2013 | Featured


ATC’s collaboration with Circuit of the Americas, MapMyFitness, Tabbedout, the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, Austin Startup Games and RED Method provides a guide to the food, tech and entertainment Austinites never miss. The Gateway to Austin’s Best app provides Austin’s best maps, lists, links and picks to help navigate Austin during its largest conference and all year round.

Who’s in the app?

Circuit of the Americas: Download and use the Gateway to Austin’s Best app and be automatically entered to win two tickets to your choice of any 2013 event at Austin’s own Circuit of the Americas!

MapMyFitness: What are Austin best trails, rides, walks, and runs? Find out!

Tabbedout: Got the caught-in-a-crowd, tired-of-waiting-for-your-tab blues? Visit an Austin Tabbedout vendor!

The Austin Food Blogger Alliance: Hold on! Specially prepared 2013 City Dining and BBQ Guides just for you? That’s b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Bananas!

Austin Startup Games: Watch these Austin brands! On February 16, these startup leaders battled to deliver tens of thousands to local charities. Stop by, say howdy, and hear their Austin stories.

Learn more about each partner here.

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